21st Century Group


Q: How is 21st Century Group paid?
A: Payment for 21st Century Group services is in the form of commission that is paid to us directly by hotels and resorts. There is no cost to planners to utilize our services.

Q: Does it cost any more to utilize your services than if I go direct?
A: Hotels are more interested in getting your business than they are concerned about paying a commission to our company. These properties know they are competing against each other for your business and therefore provide the best rates without regard to any fees or commissions.

Q: Can I use your services and still search for hotels myself?
A: If you are using our services, it is in your best interest to let us make the initial contact with any properties under consideration. From that point on you should feel comfortable contacting any of these hotels whenever you like. Before we begin the search you should tell us about any properties that have already been contacted.

Q: Do I need to have 21st Century Group under contract or on retainer?
A: No, you do not need to have us on retainer or under contract and our services are free of charge to you.

Q: What differentiates 21st Century Group from meeting planning or incentive companies?
A: The primary difference is that we do not actively take over a planner's program - the planner signs all contracts, handles deposits, conducts site inspections and remains the primary contact as far as the hotel is concerned. Our role is to identify the venue, secure the best possible terms, make sure contracts are properly executed and then get out of the way so the planner can run his or her program.

Q: What type of planners should use you? Who should not use you?
A: Planners who run their own programs but are constrained by time or staffing are ideal candidates for our services. Planners who require the services of a travel, incentive or meeting management company are not good candidates for our services. There are fees involved with those services that should be negotiated directly between the planner and whatever company they choose to use.