21st Century Group Staff


  1. Did you know most contract problems can be avoided if addressed before signing?
  2. Do you understand your organization’s general liabilities and financial liabilities for non-performance?
  3. Does anyone on your staff have experience creating hotel contracts from scratch?
  4. How good are you at predicting the future? That’s what you are doing when signing hotel contracts.
  5. Are you getting credit for pick-up of all rooms regardless of how they are booked?
  6. What happens if your hotel starts undercutting your contracted rates over your program dates?
  7. Have you ever been handed a contract you wish hadn’t been signed?
  8. Has anyone ever said to you “Get us out of this contract”?
  9. Are you comfortable with hotel room and F&B attrition clauses?
  10. Are you comfortable in negotiating hotel contract clauses (e.g. attrition and cancellation)?
  11. Do you understand the “rooms to space ratio” hotels use to determine room rental charges?
  12. Do you know the financial history of all components of your meeting?
  13. How does the F&B spend match up with your rooms spend?
  14. Should I have to pay a meeting room rental and still meet a F&B minimum?
  15. My boss just told me that we have to cancel the meeting we just contracted - what do I do now?
  16. What do you do when a hotel cancels a contract on you?
  17. Is there a difference between Acts of God and Force Majeure clauses?
  18. What happens when my attendees book the designated hotel outside my official room block?
  19. Does my organization still receive credit for attendees who book outside the block?
  20. Who is responsible for reselling unused hotel rooms in my block should we fall short?
  21. Are you being treated fairly on credit issues?